Godfather Death workshop

Godfather Death: Godmother Death

This is a well known story about Death. Sometimes the character is seen as a godfather and sometimes a godmother. Which do you prefer?

Here is a pdf of the original story from the Grimm's brother's in both Spanish and English. It is number 44 in the collection of the Grimms Brothers.

I first heard this story in Clarissa Pinkola Estes's audiobook The Radiant Coat: Myths and stories about the Crossing between Life and Death

I love Tanya Baat's version in her digital CD Toby or not to Be Stories of Death and Dying

In Ready to Tell Tales, Doug Lipman tells a Mexican version called "La Muerta: Godmother Death"

There is a different text version on the Fairytalez website

The Girl who was Made of Salt

“Once upon a time there was a little girl made of salt who had no mother and no father. More than anything she wanted to find out where she belonged, so one day she set off into the world, determined to find her home. She walked and she walked and she walked until she heard a sound she’d never heard before. Climbing up a slope, she saw in front of her a wide, limitless expanse of blue water, glinting in the sunlight and crashing onto the shore – it was the sea. As she came closer she thought she heard a voice calling. She came right to the edge and listened – yes, it was calling to her! She took a step into the water and then another and as she did so, she could feel her legs starting to dissolve. Following the voice, she kept stepping forward until at last, as the waters reached higher and higher and she had almost completely dissolved away, she realised that, at last, she was home.”

Taken from a blogpost of the Centre for Biographical Storytelling


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